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Re: first LD ride, have questions

It's not "necessary" to have a crew for 25 miles or even 50 though I could
never imagine a 100 without one.  However, pit crews are fun at that
distance.  If you have family that wants to be involved, that's a good way
for them to learn.  Without one you can just send your stuff to the outcheck
(if it's not in camp) it'll be there for you.  If you think your horse needs
water or anything else before then, you can always go out the night before
(preferably before dark!) and put out buckets or slosh bottles (not sure
where Leatherwood is at or the weather there).  In my experience, the vet
checks are about halfway (12-13 miles) out or sometimes when there is a 15
mile loop and a ten mile loop back into camp, that is when the vet checks
are.  Good luck and have FUN!

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