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Re: Dry spots wrote:
>If you have white hairs coming in where you had dry spots,
>then there's pressure there which has shunted the blood supply
>and damaged the hair follicles (and maybe the skin).
>  If it's not too serious, it'll heal, and the original color hair will re-grow.
>Feel around the area.. if the skin is also damaged it'll be hard, and maybe raised. Permanent damage isn't usually done, unless the area is repeatedly

It is my understanding (and what I've found with horses I've owned or have resided in my barn) that once you see white hairs, they will pretty much always be white.  If the pressure areas occurred when they had their winter coat, they will show up again when the winter coat comes back.  They may not show up with the summer coat unless that is when the damage occurred. 

I have a couple of horses wearing custom saddles now because of wide backs that were difficult to fit.  They both had white hairs show up with their former saddles along with sore spots where the fit was too tight.  With their custom saddles (DeSotos), they have no sore back issues -- but they still have the white hairs they acquired while in the old saddles.


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