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    Re: [RC] grain vs. roughage - Laurie Durgin

    I was concerned about the volume of feed I was feeding our larger horses, older too. Been told never feed over 10 lbs of grain at a time by vet. And 9-12 lbs. of  pellets at a feeding for a 15.3 Qh concerned me.(2x a day) Is the larger amounts of higher fiber risker than the 40-50% lower voume  grain?"Hope I didn't take up too much of your time, appreciate your imput. Laurie and Rascal.
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    >Ok. Been researching feedstuffs. I am comparing one >feed that is mostly
    pellets   tha10% protein that is 22% >fiber  currently using  just too add
    needed calories or >mcal  to all day availablility of hay. Horse feed 5. 60$
    a >bag. Other feeds I am looking at is 11% potein, 8 % >fiber at 7.60 $ a
    bag, (and other feeds similar that are >10.00$ a bag. NOw which has more
    mcal? per lb.

    There is an inverse relationship between fiber and energy (calories), so
    assuming neither feed has added fat (more than around 4-5% fat content),
    then the feed with the lower fiber content has more mcals per pound.  On
    average, the 8% fiber feed is going to provide approximately 1.4 - 1.5 mcals
    per pound.  The 22% fiber feed is going to provide 1.0 - 1.1 mcals per

    > And is most cost effective, have to pinch pennies.

    The 8% feed is costing you ten cents per mcal.  The 22% feed is costing you
    just under eleven cents per mcal.  You'll have to figure your daily cost
    based on the price of your hay, since you'd have to feed alot more hay with
    the 8% feed.

    susan g

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