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    [RC] My horse hit him self - Allegra

    My boy Saint hits him self on the inside of his leg.  The thing is he doesn't do it when people are looking, and I truly believe its just because he doesn't pay attention were his own legs are. He does this at all gaits, but more at the trot when he seems very bored.  I ride him with boots on and he doesn't hit hard enough to do damage, but if I ride with out the boots he removes a layer of skin were he hits. As for it I really do not know what to do with him.  So I just keep the boots on him when ever I ride, taking them off periodically and massage the leg to ensure blood flow.  My main question is will this get me pulled? (I'm planning on going in Oak leaf run)
     I have been doing many exercises such as serpentines, and he is in the best shape of any horse I own. And when he is trying he out walks my boss's gaited horses, and he doesn't hit.  But when he's bored he is Sooo slow and hits.
     I hope this made sense, any suggestion welcome,

     Sorry about my last message, my mum had it set to show wall paper.

    [RC] AERC and starts. Rest easy, Steph Teeter