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    RE: [RC] [RC] [RC] Start - Nancy Mitts

    The rules already specify "there must be a pre-designated finish line perpendicular across the trail."
    I believe someone else as already stated that the start (for the purpose of AERC) should be the point at which the clock has started, the trail is open, and the riders move and cross that starting point.
    What ride managers choose to do with the rest of that entry fee and any awards or prizes is entirely their business.
    Wouldn't proper procedure be to send this to the rules committee for drafting of official language?

    Why is "start" such a difficult concept? Where do managers start measuring the trail? When do they start timing the competition? I just don't grasp how defining this would affect the "atmosphere" of a ride. I'd guess they can officially "start" 5 miles out from camp if they choose, as long as EVERYONE at the ride starts in the same place, on the same clock time, and the mileage is measured from THAT start point.

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    > I'm sure when the rules were
    > written it was never dreamed that "start" would have to be defined, but it
    > is apparently time to do so.

    Why not draft the rule change you'd like. call it rule 1.1.2 and in it,
    define start and finish??


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