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    Re: [RC] Starts - EquesB

    In a message dated 7/12/02 7:32:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time, patchworkfarmshorsestuff@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    .  But to me, if someone wanted to say,
    I was just a starter, I CHOSE to pull her, so I should have got a refund....
     But in my eyes, and even though im a newbie, I agree that I did not get a
    refund.  I rode.  If You leave that start line before talking to the vet
    about things and consulting them if your horse is off and getting there
    advice, your a rider.  No matter if your horse goes lame at 1 mile, 2 mile,
    3 mile etc.  Its unfair to the others that ride it and there horses are
    sound, or get pulled at the mid way check or even the last vetting.  There
    has to be some grounds.  Because I tell you, if someone had started at my
    second ride and pulled after 8 miles, walked back, and the ride manager had
    said, Oh, no worries, We will give you a refund, I would have personally
    felt, I should have got one, and anyone that chose to pull there horse,
    should have got one, no matter how far they had ridden.  There has to be a
    set guidline in this sport.  


    The refund policy is usually stated on the ride entry form.  The ride entry form is an agreement between the rider and the RM.  The RM is essentially stating the policys of the ride and you (the rider) are essentially agreeing to comply with those rules & regs through the entry form.  Beefs about refunds are between Rider & RM.

    When the RM applies for sanctioning the RM agrees to uphold AERC rules & regs, part of those rules & regs is reporting starters.  Since it wasn't until recently that the AERC public seemed concerned about non-finishers, the AERC interest lies in the income.  Either way, it is in the rules & regs, I agree with Angie, we don't need to put someone on the guillotine, lets just repair the cracks.

    These are not personal attacks, they are just efforts to improve our system.