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    RE: [RC] start - Rae Callaway

      I disagree entirely.  It's a very important subject, irregardless of who was involved in the original complaint, and it needs to be addressed.  If multidays are THAT different than regular rides, then maybe they shouldn't count towards lifetime Endurance or LD mileage.  Create another category of Multiday mileage, then everyone on those rides can claim however much or little miles they actually did.
    --- Rae Callaway
    --- Tall C Arabians - SE Texas
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    Subject: [RC] start

    This thread on the Start is becoming increasingly tedious. There are some really big important issues out there rite now that never get mentioned on ride camp, that all this energy could be better spent on. We all have some personal gripes about somebody, I certainly do. But airing them continually publicly is not only boring to the large part of the rest of us, but in poor taste. Of course I will always defend the Duck, and by osmoses, Karen, but surely we can find some really useful educational topic. This must paint a rather distorted picture of our sport to the newbies lurking here. At least I hope it is a distorted view, I would hate to think that our sport has become so un gracious, so unfocused, as to chicken peck to death someone that always takes several juniors out with her and is  usually is someplace way in the back of the pack, babysitting.   Go ride your horse.  Annie G.                                             Anne George Saddlery   www.vtc.net/~ageorge  

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