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    RE: [RC] What Constitutes a Start? - Steph Teeter

    >> Says Angie:
    As to filing a protest..wasn't the head of our protest committee on the
    entire XP ride anyway? I'm assuming that if he saw anything that bothered
    him he'd have mentioned it by now.  John, are you still on here? If
    multi-days are run *that* differently than one day rides, maybe the
    "Pioneer Division" should be more separate...Hey, ANOTHER split off
    organization. >eg< (this could end up like the churches that get to
    arguing and suddenly half of them who believe something end up meeting in
    a garage >g<)
    For the record - each day of the XP2001 was run just like every other AERC
    ride. There were no rules that were broken that I could see. The rides were
    not short, if anything they were long, since we were following trails via
    GPS and they always added up to at least 50 GPS miles. The riders that
    received completions finished on 'fit to continue' horses. The horses that
    won BC, really deserved it. And this was the truest test of endurance that I
    have ever been involved in.
    Whew! Guess I feel pretty strongly about defending this ride!
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    [RC] What Constitutes a Start?, Rides 2 Far