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    Re: [RC] [RC] saddle poll - Brittany Murphy

    Hi Jen,

    I'm still pretty new to the sport, but here's what I've experimented with so far...
    *started out in the 40 lb western saddle I was already riding in. Fine for LD, but NOT for longer distances. I was uncomfortable and the thing was a beast to take on and off at checks.
    *next went to a Syd Hill australian saddle. LOVED it. Only weighed 19 lbs, and was soooo comfy and secure. I bought it used for $500 and it was in great shape. You can find the good deals out there if you look for 'em. Bad thing was, my horse became too wide in the shoulders with more conditioning after about a year of riding in this saddle, so I had to part with it. I tried other aussie's cuz I loved that one so much but never came across one that fit right. Except a brand new Syd Hill Coloma, that saddle is awesome. But also pricey. Couldn't afford it.
    *finally broke down and bought a used Ortho-Flex endurance cutback. I had good luck with OF's on him when I borrowed from friends, and I was sick of nothing else fitting right. This one was been great so far, I've had it since last fall. I've gotten all A's on his back at every ride with it.
    Whatever you decide to buy, make sure you can try it out first. Take it on a long ride, that's the only way you'll know if it fits the horse and is comfy for you.

    Hope this helps some, Brittany

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