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    [RC] What constitutes a start? - Cheryl & Randy Winter

    Okay so what does constitute an official start to a ride.  It's probably not
    practical to say an entry is a start because people might wait till the last
    moment to enter if there were weather or other last minute considerations.
    This would pit undo pressure at the start of rides to get everyone
    registered and going.  Reasonably one might say when the horse and rider
    start the ride by passing the start finish line.  How about a hypothetical
    situation.  The horse and rider line up or answer during roll call and then
    the rider gets bucked off.  Is this a start?  The rider goes past the start
    line by a little and gets bucked off.  Is this a start?  Should a start be
    left up to the managers discretion to allow for difference in rides.  I
    would say what we have now would allow for the ride manager to make the
    decision.  Does this in some way lessen the organizations reporting of
    results?  Are enough people concerned about an inequity like that and is it
    enough of a discretion that someone cares?
    Randy Winter 
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