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  • - Steph Teeter
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    Re: [RC] start - Rides 2 Far

    Of course I will always 
    > defend the Duck, and by osmoses, Karen, but surely we can find some 
    really useful educational topic. 
    Good grief. I don't think this is about Karen, or the Duck.  It's about
    exactly what the subject line states...what is a start?  I guess
    "important" is in the eyes of the beholder, but to me this is the first
    subject that has really caught my attention in a while...far more so than
    re-hashing LD, rule 13, helmets. etc. Tell you what, forget that your
    friends are involved and pretend there's a ride in Florida where they
    don't list people who start but don't finish and keep the entry fee, but
    don't pay AERC.  Seem more relevant?  If somebody you really like happens
    to practice something you don't believe in, do you try to get them to
    change...or just start believing in it?
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