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    Re: [RC] Question for the vets about DOD - Lisa Redmond

    DOD is associated with overfeeding energy and/or protein in young, growing
    horses, which may mean that your filly is getting too much grain.
    Frequently this also is accompanied by an imbalance in the calcium and
    phosphorus ratio in the diet.  The type of forage can be a factor in this as
    well--alfalfa is high in calcium, and grass hays tend to have variable, and
    low, calcium, so the grain ration should be balanced for your choice of hay.
    This also means that you can't switch between grass and alfalfa hays without
    changing the grain ration..  The optimal calcium:phosphorus ratio is 1:1 to
    2:1 for her.
    I hate to disagree with your vet, and I don't want to be alarmist, but the
    diet needs to be examined and corrected, especially if she's already showing
    signs in her fetlocks.  DOD isn't reversible, and it can lead to contracted
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    [RC] Question for the vets about DOD, Sunset Farm(Lynn, Morgan, Gabrielle, and Trent)