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    Re: [RC] Fuel Issue was BCAA - Susan Garlinghouse

    >    I forgot to say  the refined feed product is made from CORN. So its
    > NORMAL  just very concentrated.
    > Someone told me an oz of some of these products provide the
    > equivalent energy of about 1 pound of CORN.
    Wait a minute.  Hold the phone.
    Just trying to catch up with 800+ posts and caught this one...no other
    judgments being made, whoever might have told you that is either trying to
    pull a fast one, or doesn't have much of a nutrition background.  There's no
    substance on earth wherein 1 ounce of anything will supply the same energy
    as an entire pound of corn.  Same amount of protein, or starch or
    summat...maybe.  Same energy/calories---nope.  No chance.
    And for anyone doubting the numbers, a pound of corn supplies 1.75 Mcals in
    digestible energy.  For an alternative supplement to provide 1.75 Mcal *per
    ounce*, it would have to provide over 28 Mcals per pound.  Even pure fat
    (the most concentrated energy source available) only provides about 4.3
    Mcals per pound.  Not even close.
    Just wanted to throw in that correction, though I'm not sure which product
    or energy source this particular claim was in reference to. :-)  Not that it
    Susan G
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