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    [RC] What constitutes a Start? - Rides 2 Far

    > What constitues a start?  When you cross the starting line.  What >
    constitutes a finish?  When you cross the finish line.  Why do > people
    always complicate simple things?  tom sites
    Simple enough. So, what constitutes *consequences* for those who live by
    their own rules?  I'm amazed at the number of people on here who will
    debate every nuance of a rule, but then when someone blatently states
    they have ignored rules...*including* falsifying records to short payment
    to AERC, nobody's the least bit interested.  They'd rather discuss some
    hypothetical situation where a person in last place has an antennae on
    their head.  Is it like in regular law inforcement, where it's easier to
    bully someone who does their best to obey the law (you were driving 47 in
    a 45 zone...pay $200!) than to deal with a real lawbreaker who you may be
    a little scared of?
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