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    Re: [RC] What constitutes a start? - Dbeverly4

    In a message dated 7/9/2002 5:03:24 PM Pacific Standard Time, cherylrandy@xxxxxxx writes:

    That being said I still might not protest at a "local" ride where
    someone at the last minute decided not to ride for some relevant reason as
    opposed to an FEI or Race of Champions caliber ride where that rule would be
    more strictly adhered to.  I'm just saying that some rides have more at
    stake than statistics.  IMHO compassion for the human or horse sometimes
    involves interpretations of the rules that will not  bear scrutiny but are
    correct just the sam

    I'd like to clarify something on this New Cuyama start/listing/not listing thing here.  The rider in question rode roughly 5 miles of the trail (I was right there beside her for Pete's sake).  She was NOT bucked off at the start.  She rode and her horse was lame.  She made a good decision and pulled him herself.  She took a short cut back to camp and as far as I was concerned that was the end of it.

    I was completely astonished (naiive soul that I am) to find out that not everybody gets their starts listed.  Some people don't have to do that.  This seems like such a fundamental screw up of AERC's "To Finish is to Win" motto that it just boggles the mind.  I mean if the motto were "To finish is to Win only what we list as starting" that would be one thing, but that ain't the case.

    I now realise that I was very naiive and thought that the rider in question could do something to correct her results.  Apparently, not.  Although......(should shut up now).....why do the on-line results that she directly inputs to the XP website not appear accurate??  Oh, that's right, "we" decided not to list all the pulls.  Ok.

    I've heard the old tale about "Club Miles" on the XP rides and I think if anybody had any brains they wouldn't roll that one out.  It brings into question the results from last summer, no? Also, (one last should shut up) what about the poor people who DO get listed as pulled at those rides?  I mean on Day 1 of Cuyama 2 people got listed as pulled.  Did they cross some magic line or what?