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    [RC] GPS, Cell Phones & Sandstorms - Howard Bramhall

    I'm not sure about all FEI rides, but I do know that they use radios when they race at the UAE rides, which I assume are FEI sanctioned.  The sheiks run around in their 4 wheelers and radio in to their individual riders (one sheik has ten or so riders) as to what speed to travel and what place they are in.  He directs, the riders obey (I cannot imagine what happens to a rider who does not; off with his head, probably).  It's the owners of the horses who control that ride.  Ah, endurance at the upper levels, we got radios, cell phones, don't really need the GPS in UAE unless a sandstorm kicks up, but, we won't lose a rider (although we may lose a horse) since the Sheik and his team know where each and every team member is every step of the way. 
    Trails should be well marked.  That is part of the Ride Manager's responsibility.  To not do so makes the ride an unfair advantage for locals who already know the trails.  If a ride is poorly marked to the extent where I need a GPS to find my way back to camp, I will not return to that ride.  Cell phones and GPS's are neat gadgets, but do we really need to modernize to the point where everything is safe and there's no room for adventure anymore?  If you count on these modern conveniences too much you will lose the ability to look up at the sky and figure out what direction is North.  Or, if you can't see the sky, to look on the ground and see what side of the rock moss is growing.  Next thing you know, folks will be riding with laptops, just so they can keep in touch with their crew back at base camp. 
    Can't we just level the playing field by keeping things simple and quit acting like we're all Sheiks from UAE?  Cell phones, for emergency use only, and no GPS and no laptops.  Everyone gets a map and you have the option of bringing along a compass.  Leave the electronic stuff back at camp, please.
    Howard (I will behave on ridecamp; I will behave....., I will behave.....)
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    I checked the web site for these "radios." They are the basic short
    range ( up to maybe 2 miles if you are lucky - more likely 1/2 mile)
    "walkie talkie" type radio. I am not really sure how helpful they would
    be but I can't see that they would be against any rule.

    In many cases ( the OD and Biltmore come to mind ) your crew can't meet
    you on the trail. I believe that radios cannot be used on FEI rides.


    Jim Holland wrote:

    >Thanks for post...your opinion is always valued.  I agree with that...I
    >just wanted to get the issue out there for a little feedback from the
    >members.  Since your crew can meet you anywhere, anytime on the trail, I
    >don't see where contacting them by radio would be any different. IMHO, a
    >GPS is no different from a "trail marker"...just electronic.
    >Jim, Sun of Dimanche and Mahada Magic
    >Joe Long wrote:

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