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    [RC] XP Results - Rides 2 Far

    >>we like to  provide a relaxed laid back atmosphere for friends to join
    in the > sport of endurance riding.   We operate the XP rides in a very 
    casual > manner I have personally felt that it was >>unnecessary to add
    an > entry fee for a couple of miles of >>riding to the pain of having to
    > pull 
    How casual?  As a ride manager, we have always started out with a list of
    horses who started, if for no other reason, so we'll know who's missing
    at the first check if someone *is* missing.  It's enough trouble to
    update that as riders pull at checks. Can't imagine when you'd update it
    between the time they start and the first check. Where do you update your
    list midpoint?
     I see no problems with choosing to reimburse a rider's entry fee (I
    could get into that) and that's a manager's perogative, but to me a
    starter is a starter...heck, the rider who receives a refund could cover
    the AERC fee and still come out pretty darned good.
    When a person looks at the records in the yearbook they should be able to
    get some idea of what a ride is like by the completion ratio. 100%
    completion ratio to me means there's a vet who was dozing with his head
    down while waving horses on through. When a person checks AERC records on
    a rider or a horse the completion ratio tells them a lot about
    both...*if* they're accurate.
    I realize there's regional differences we have to account for in any
    statistics.  I'd love to have a 100% completion ratio myself...but not if
    it means that management isn't going to notice I'm missing if I fall off
    a bluff and don't show up at a vet check. If I start a ride you need to
    know I'm out there. If I pull, the people at the next check need to know
    I'm not coming...especially if it's a 2000 mile crosscountry trip.  By
    the way, has anybody checked to make sure ya'll didn't leave somebody out
    there? >g<
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