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    Re: [RC] XP Results - Dbeverly4

    In a message dated 7/8/2002 8:41:07 PM Pacific Standard Time, guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes: (aka the Duck)

    I have personally felt that it was unnecessary to add an
    entry fee for a couple of miles of riding to the pain of having to
    pull a horse early in the ride, especially when it was because of a
    rider or a horse being injured.   Neither AERC nor the XP Rides needs
    the money that bad.

    First of all, let me say that I wish this would just die (well I wish the ride results would get corrected and then it would die).  How does the AERC define starting a ride?  Is it not when you cross the starting line?  Is it 10 miles or 1?  Does that matter?  If you "start" when do you get to say that you didn't "start"?  Its a slippery slope for sure.

    Maybe to most people completion records don't count, and if that's the case, then just hit delete on these posts.  There are lots of good reasons to pull a horse and certainly no shame in doing that.  However, a person can't have it both ways.   A person can't ridicule publicly another person for pulling their horse and then deny that they had to pull their horse, trust me that is a sensitive issue with most of the listening audience here.

    Bottom line, when is a horse considered to "start" a ride?