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    [RC] XP Results - Ridecamp Guest

    David Nicholson klawockvet@xxxxxxxxxxx
    Regarding Sylvia Beverly's allegations about the XP results.
    To Whom it May Concern:
    We put on our rides because we enjoy the people and we like to 
    provide a relaxed laid back atmosphere for friends to join in the 
    sport of endurance riding.   We operate the XP rides in a very casual 
    manner and try to treat everyone as we would like to be treated. 
    While other ride managers have a hard and fast rule about starters, 
    we do not.  I have personally felt that it was unnecessary to add an 
    entry fee for a couple of miles of riding to the pain of having to 
    pull a horse early in the ride, especially when it was because of a 
    rider or a horse being injured.   Neither AERC nor the XP Rides needs 
    the money that bad.
    By the time I was printing the master list for the Cuyama day in 
    question, I was informed by Dr. Liskey that Karen's horse was lame 
    and that she wasn't riding. All of this occurred so early in the day 
    that I assumed that she had made that decision before she started. 
    Apparently she had gone out on the trail and had come back to camp 
    when she found the horse was lame.   I did what I would have done for 
    any of our riders and didn't put her down as a starter.  The informal 
    criteria that I use is to not include a starter until I print out the 
    final master list for the day.  There are often a number of horse and 
    rider changes early in the morning of a ride and I try to have the 
    master list reflect only the current information.
    The ride results turned in to AERC for Mt. Carmel show Karen Chaton 
    as  a starter with a rider option pull.  The results that are posted 
    on our website are unofficial results and are copies of the finishing 
    list that we used for the awards.
    Karen Chaton has received no different treatment than any of our 
    other riders would have received under the circumstances, nor has she 
    asked for any, although she would certainly deserve some preferential 
    consideration for all that she has done for our rides.  I would be 
    more than willing to go an extra mile for her.  Not only that, I 
    would consider anyone who would not do the same to be an ungrateful 
    jerk.  Karen has done nothing other than post what I gave her and 
    that is the end of the story.
    D. Nicholson
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