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    [RC] AHAM Part Three - Maggie Mieske

    To sum it all up:

    Riders off their horse (not intentionally on their part): three that I am personally aware of for a total of 4 times as Andy Redman did so TWICE. Her husband, Brian, loudly proclaimed that she has previously only come off a horse once in ten years so this is a new record for her.

    Wildlife: several deer, several turkeys, one BIG snake (who slept alone after his landlady opted to sleep in her car for the night), one coyote, two bobcats (or was it the same one both days?) and one prehistoric horse eating pteradactyl. Thank God the bears were busy elsewhere!

    Fun: TONS and TONS. Who would think that you could have fun at a ride where you almost get killed by a giant prehistoric bird and BIG snakes lurk under the tents of unsuspecting women? Maybe it was a prehistoric snake. The stories and laughter continued until the minute we left and I was sorry to go. I'm even sorrier that I can't share ALL the stories...yeah, I know. I need to write a book!!

    Credits: Gene and Shelly Dake for taking over the AHAM ride and doing it in such splendid style (and sharing ideas and tips with me for the Wolverine next month!. It was so well organized!

    Jim and Teresa Yell for letting us camp on their property every year and for providing us with such lovely, well marked trails with breathtaking views.

    ALL the volunteers, the riders, the crews...everyone was wonderful, expressing concern for Malik and myself both. Over and over. :) To Sarah Michelin's friend whose name I did not get who offered me water and a slosh bottle on my long trek into the vet check after Nelson left me to walk in. And for those who are wondering, except for being bruised and mighty stiff and sore on my left side, I am doing great. No headache. The swelling in Malik's leg is entirely gone and he shows absolutely no soreness in it though he is going to have two weeks off and won't compete again until next month.

    I also appreciate the opportunity to have my horse vetted by such a passionate and outspoken man as Dane Frazier...he has his opinions. He sees stuff that most riders in Michigan don't get subjected to. I will trot my horse out for a CRI for Dane as many times as he sees fit. I mostly appreciate his use of the terms "endurance" and "joy" in the same sentence...Dane truly loves this sport and loves the horses.

    And many thanks to Steve Halstead, DVM, who took time to look Malik over before we left Sunday and discuss the coming weeks and how we should take care of him...Malik just LIKES Steve and Steve always has a pat or a scratch for Malik and I don't care if he is a "mean old Coggins law thumping MDA government vet"....he is a good man and a smart horse vet.

    And I couldn't forget vets Phil Sears and Barb Straw who gave up riding to vet for a change. Their sacrifice is appreciated by many, I know.

    Thank you, Cameron Wood, for illustrating perfectly my horrifying experience. The only thing he missed was the HUGE boulder upon which I struck my head. I hope you enjoy the attached illustration of the incident.

    I am sure I will miss someone who deserves credit here but remember, I had a bump on the head! :)

    Thank God for Troxels. Thank God for helmets.