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    RE: [RC] [RC] Pasture - ALISON MUELLER

    Whatever you do do NOT feed fescue to pregnant mares. It can cause them to abort or deformed babies. It can also make the placenta thick where the foal can't break it and will suffacate if someone doesn't tear it for them.


    From: "Snodgrass, Bonnie" <snodgrab@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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    Subject: RE: [RC]   Pasture
    Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 06:58:54 -0400

    Your most drought tolerant grass suitable for our area Tom is fescue. For
    horse owners that would need to be endophyte free fescue. Another drought
    tolerant grass is Bermuda but in our area it usually will only take a start
    from "plugs". University of Maryland experimented with this a few years ago.
    I asked the same question about drought tolerant forages of an ag specialist
    from the U of M last year.

    Bonnie Snodgrass

    Southern Maryland

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    Just returning from mowing dry weeds and another pasture just seeded this
    spring dying (such beautiful clover it was or may be if we get some rain).
    And reading on RC other parts of the country having the same problem
    (yesterdays Washington Post front page Drought.... and the end times here
    now) There has to be a forage that can grow in these climatic extremes and
    provide sustanence to the herds thruout the world. Being an Ornamental
    Horticulterist, not an Olericulterist, or a Turf or Forage Specialist. What
    is this forage for pasture? tom sites

    Alison Mueller
    Lochwood Acres
    8319 County Rd 2418
    Royse City, TX 75189
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