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    Re: [RC] New Easyboot articles are online - Truman Prevatt

    Don't know about rule 6, but unless they get into a repeater (which is the same issue as you have with cell phones) they will be fairly short range or will weight quite a bit.


    DreamWeaver wrote:

    At 07:34 PM 7/8/2002 -0400, you wrote:

    Hmmm...but using radios and/or a GPS during a ride is a violation of
    AERC rule 6.(k), is it not?

    I wasn't suggesting anybody use these to break any rules! Lots of rides use radios, this would be really handy for RM to use in some cases. Cell phones don't always work. There are rides where a GPS is given to the ride vets and that's how they find the away vet checks. Modern times....

    I think these would be a fun toy, but obviously I'm not going to rush right out and buy one. At least not until my GPS III+ croaks, and it's still running pretty well. These new ones do more, cost less (than the III+ did) and if you need it in an emergency it could really save somebody's life! I doubt it would be a rule violation to use a radio or cell phone to ask for help, and if somebody is hurt who cares if you get DQ'd for breaking rule 6 whatever. These new ones will even transmit your location to somebody else that has one, and they work with other radios. They'd be great for training rides too, you could practice separating your horses and still find each other later.

    I've GPS'd 60+ separate rides. The RM's are usually pretty receptive to it and like getting the tracks of the entire ride later on. The GPS is in my pack and I usually never look at it -- usually much easier to look at the paper map and directions. The antenna is on the outside, without it I wouldn't get very accurate readings. I think it would be great if all of the trails could be archived somehow, electronically.


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