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    [RC] info - jen cochran

    Hi everyone...
    Ok so here I am, not knowing next to bob anything aoobout this sport except for the fact that I may not have enough padding on my @$$ to not be in pain after a long ride...oh well. please tolerate my ignorance in this respect.
    Any ways, I had a few questions for those knoledgeable riders out there.

    1) What kind of shoes do you reccomend for a ride? I hear things about sneekers, easy boots, aluminum shoes?It's all very mind boggeling (SP) to a first time hores rider and distance rider! What are the differeces? How do you go about using them? (i hear you have to use some kind of stuff with easy shoes?!?!) What is most econimical? Which wear the best?

    2) SPONGING? what is the deal with sponging? I know it has something to do with cooling the horse down. If you take all your tack off during a ride to sponge off, won't the horse get saddle sores if you put a saddle on wet skin? Also wouldn't it mess up the saddle pad?

    3) How do you go about camping with your horse? I was told that tieing to the trailer is a bad idea, but for those of us who are just starting out, what's your advise to keep a horse around long enough over night so that they are still there the next day so that you can ride them? I have seen the portable corrals but they look awful expensive, that's why I decided showing wasn't for me...The expense? Am I wrong in thinking this?

    4) What do you do when you have no one to crew for you? Do you have to run around to all the stops and set out your stuff the night before? And if so how do you keep people from stealing it? (sorry for my lack of trust in human decency) also what on earth do you pack for a stop besides buckets of water and some hay. I know about electrolites, but am still fuzzy about how to use 'em.

    5) Last one for now. Equipment. I am lookin at tack (saddles) and I am boggled at the price of some tack. I know cheapr is not always better, but I need some advise as to whick type of saddle is most economical. I am used to riding western and have NEVER ridden an english saddle. I have found several english multi puropose saddles that I thik would work, BUT I don't know if this is a smart choice for me as i have never ridden in one. I'd like to get an aussie but they too are a bit too rich ro my pocketbook.

    Any tips would help!
    Thanks guys
    Jen Cochran
    On her way to Oregon

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