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    [RC] Comments on LD - Racing - GarnerT

    It's just not LD riders that race, believe me.  I've seen some really fast
    50 results in the Endurance News.  The AERC board does sanction people who
    race/ride underage horses in any distance.  I primarily have been using LD
    as a training ground for myself & my horse.  I've done about 14 LDs and just
    2 50s.  All my LDs were done nice & slow.  My 1st 50 on my new guy was
    really slow! We will continue to do a few years of slow 50s.
    It is up the individual rider to learn to pace their horse safely.  Since I
    had a young horse (4 almost 5) when we did the Lakeside Classic for his
    first ride, I went very slowly.  You just cannot "tell" people to ride
    slowly with a new/young horse.  That's why I think having mentors in the
    AERC is such a good idea.
    Since I have more experience in LD, it has been my pleasure to ride with a
    newbie.  It was nice to be able to share what I knew with her so she and her
    horse would finish safely, sanely, & sound.
    It's not the AERC's job to give intelligence tests, unfortunately.  I read
    books on endurance, read endurance related magazines, and more importantly,
    I ride with experienced endurance riders.  This approach has ensured the
    safety of both myself and my horse.
    Kathy & Taz
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