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    Re: [RC] Normal - Diane

         Hi, I to live in FL. The East Central part, & am very grateful for all the rain we have received. After having fires pop up all over the state for the last 5 yrs. this rain is a welcome relief.
       Truman I have a few ?s for you as you also live in FL. & know the climate. I am a very newbie to Endurance. & after
    training my Arab. for about a year now I plan to start competition this fall. 1st ?, how do you train in the summer months with the heat? This year so far I feel lucky as I ride in the rain or after the rain, (if it's lighting & it has been fairly cool.) But I know the time will come when the heat will make it nearly impossible to ride over a few hours in the early morning. Also Brazz sweats so much, as I do, is this ok?
      He is on Electrolytes, & also I was wondering about the continues wormer he is on. Will this harm him in anyway.
      Also as he is a Fl. bred horse he gets no winter coat.
    How do you handle this on cold rides, in the winter?
      Sorry about what may seem like dumb  ? . But I want the best for my horse, & actually have many more ?. That would
    probably even sound even more simple to answer than these. Thank you for your patience,
                                        Diane & Brazz
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    From: goearth
    Sent: Friday, July 05, 2002 12:04 PM
    Subject: [RC] Normal

    Getting a call from the road from Larry leaving the Ft. Santon Ride heading back to Kansas i aked hime anout Normal.  He said its in Illinois, but after checking i see there is also Normal, Ohio and Alabama.  So my question is now getting precise...Is Ohio, Illinois and Alabama Normal? tom sites,  who by the way, you all must think is nuts but i have a purpose to this inquiry

    [RC] Normal, goearth