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    [RC] re Wintec saddles - Brenda L. Kossowan

    I love my old Wintec pro, purchased in 1993. It finally had to be
    retired after many thousands of miles, but it worked well on my first
    little mare, who had a short wide back and extremely high withers (Suzi
    is busy making babies these days for those of you who miss seeing her
    tiny hiney fleeing down the trail). The only drawback I found was that
    it took some time to get used to the wider seat and once the saddle
    started to form onto one horse, it pretty well didn't fit any others.
    Apparently, that problem has been solve by replacing the artificial
    stuffing with real wool, which can be reshaped.
    PS: I'm using a Big Horn western saddle (with EZ rides - thanks again,
    Paddi) until I can finish paying for my new Wintec Pro.
    Brenda Kossowan
    Bekosso Words Work.
    Box 177
    Leslieville, AB
    T0M 1H0
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