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    Re: [RC] ?? Wintec saddles - Laurie Durgin

    I've been using a wintec 2000 when I ride english for 2 yrs. It is extremely comfortable for me and it grips you. It actually fits all our horses  and it doesn't have an easy change system, you 'd have to have  a saddler open it up and change it.
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    Does anyone have experience using these saddles? I have a four year old at the trainers.  Right now he is very wide and of course none of my saddles fit him.  I know his back is going to change quite a bit the next couple of years.  I was  wondering if the easy change gullet system works. In theory it would save me alot of aggrevation with  saddle fit problems until we see what he is going to be like before investing in a high dollar saddle.  But, I haven't see any mention of it in postings about saddle fit problems as an alertnative.  Of course, when I log on and see 150 message I might just cruise right on by it!!    And, how about the CAIR Panel System?  Any experiences or opinions?  Thanks!  He should be coming  home in a month or so and I need to get serious in this saddle hunt.  
      - debbie 

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