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    Re: [RC] equine tape worms (ugh!) - Dyane Smith

     On Wednesday, July 03, 2002 11:01 PM, GoTory@xxxxxx wrote about
     equine tape worms (ugh!):
    > Here in Northern CA we've recently heard of an epidemic of tapeworms in
    > horses, due to a warm winter not killing the eggs and horses grazing same
    > forage and "sharing the wealth".
    Where in Northern CA?  I'm especially interested in the new fecal test.
    This drought has really trashed my pasture.  I have weeds I've never seen
    before (and old "friends") high as an elephant's eye.  I had to move the
    horses off all together.
    Adding to this, Lisa's excellent post about combining wormers.....  I just
    wormed everyone with Zimectrin, but, if I recall correctly, ivermectrin
    doesn't get tape worms.  The other horses in the new pasture are scheduled
    to be wormed right away, but it will be about two to two and a half weeks
    after mine.
    Bottom line:  what do I do to get in sync?
    Dyane (feeling way sorry for herself)
    Far, far Northern California
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    [RC] equine tape worms (ugh!), GoTory