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    [RC] South TEXAS - Sally Ann

    Hello Ridecamp! I'm looking for someone to do training rides (or just rides fo that matter) with in, or near, the Rockport, Texas area.... I've been in endurance about 4-5 years, and Ive finally bought the "Big A". At first my quarter horse buddies were a little leery of both of us, but they have now accepted her... > G <. I have had my new mare for a little over 6mnths. She turned 8 in March. Quincy is absolutly wonderful with a bunch of endurance potential.

    Back to my former problem (I always get side-tracked when thinking about Quincy.hmm...) I will be moving to Rockport near the end of this month,Maybe a little sooner, so if you're in the area (anywhere somewhat close), you can email me privatly- I don't want to clog up the list.


    - Sally (Rain Rain, GO AWAY! I need to ride someday...)

    - Quincy Ku ( MOM!!!   FOOOOOO-DUH!!!!!  NOW!!!!)

    - Dillon (You are such an imature species, ugh!)

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