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    [RC] Comments on LD - Stephanie_D_Adair

    <How about a 4 yo racing a sub 2 hour LD?  Do you want to
    <wait for statistics on this?  How about if such horses just
    <never come back and thus we don't see any "statistics"?
    <This is my concern with the AERC supporting LD race mentality
    <and the current minimum age.
    IMO-that would eliminate other breeds.  Others breeds are fully grown and
    mature at age 4, and ready for LD.  I've known Arabs that grew another 1/2"
    in their 5th year.  We would have to have a "minimum age" for every breed
    out there.  And what about a half Arab, did he take after Quarter horse
    mama or Arab daddy?  It would really be a genetic nightmare.  I could only
    see submitting x-rays of the knees to "prove" a rider was not riding a
    horse too early.  I know I would not appreciate that expense when my horse
    means more to me than doing a fast LD, as most people in this sport do.  I
    have yet to see anyone not putting their horse first, be it 10 years ago or
    in the few rides I've done so far this year.
    All in all, peer pressure is the biggest motivator.  As I've never seen
    anyone "racing" a baby, I guess I have a mental vision of it happening, and
    folks saying something to the rider.  If the rider ignores everyone's well
    meaning advice, they're not going to be really comfortable hanging out in
    camp where no one cares to speak with them.  Either that person gets some
    common sense or I bet we don't see them at the next ride.
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