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    [RC] HW/BC's - kathy . mayeda

    "I do the results and that includes BC forms on anywhere 
    from 6 to 10 rides a year.  Invariably, the horse with 
    the highest vet score wins BC.  The only times I can 
    remember when it didn't is if the vet scores are really 
    close, the time usually makes the difference.  Almost 
    always, the high vet score takes it though.  For 
    example, at a recent ride, I think 6 horses showed for 
    BC and the 10th place horse with an outstanding vet 
    score took BC.  The rider was either a lw or a mw.  mb"
    Okay, Maryben, so the high vet scores win and the weight 
    scores don't have that much of an impact.  But you know 
    the two local riders that won a couple of the BCs were 
    heavyweight and middleweight.  They just got off the 
    horses and ran so that the horses could maintain their 
    condition!  So the amount of actual "work" that the 
    horses were doing does not necessarily correlate with 
    the weight of the rider.  I guess that's my main point 
    if I did have one. 
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