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    [RC] Crupper - Joan Dowis

    Hi, Scott,
    In my experience you only need a crupper on a horse with withers low enough
    that the saddle can be in danger of going over the withers on a steep
    downhill.  Of the several horses I have owned, I have only had to use a
    crupper with one of them.
    ---"I agree with this.  I have used the crupper and my "girlfriend" has no
    problem with it.  I am considering removing it from my ride tack, however,
    since her HIGH withers don't allow the saddle forward and I am now jogging
    walking down the more extreme hills anyway.  Any comments on why I should or
    should not delete the crupper from her tack?  Before I learned to get off
    down the steep hills, the crupper NEVER ONCE engaged - not on training
    and not on the Hog Wild or Malibu, both of which have some rather gnarly
    Joan Dowis
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