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    [RC] re: crupper - Cindi Hein

    Speaking of getting a horse used to cruppers. I put one on for the first time yesterday on mine. I hadn't for a long time and my spare saddle does go forward a bit and if I go down short steep hills, it will slide.
    I hadn't put one on him because he has never really liked his tail messed with.
    I had been doing some Tellington-Jones massages on his butt and tail and he now will let me move his tail around and lift and pull without him tightening the tail down.
    I put the crupper on loose yesterday and went on my ride. It was mostly a flat trotting ride with two hills. I completely forgot I had the thing on and I got to the first hill and he scooted his butt in and kind of ran forward fast (you know how they do that sometimes) and I looked behind me to see what was behind us - and then I realized - OH - the crupper tightened up on him. So, I brought him into a walk and grabbed a hold of it and gave a light tug and release, tug and release. The rest of the ride - nothing. He just went along with his tail up in normal position.
    I have a ride planned for Tues. which will be a climbing ride. Steep back down. I usually get off and walk anyway, but, I'll walk part way and ride a bit and see how he (if at all) reacts with the steep hill work and crupper.
    All the horses I have had in the past never cared at all about a crupper. The most I ever got from them was a little crow hopping.

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