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    Re: [RC] cedar shavings/cedar oil - Linda Hedgpeth

    > I was going to order a bottle of Poco cedar fly control, comes in a
    > gallon container, but was told by someone this weekend that cedar
    oil is
    > toxic to horses, something about liver damage.  Just wondered if
    > has heard of this before.  We've used cedar shavings in the past,
    > nice to put on those wet spots in the stall for ammonia control and
    > think they tend to help keep the bugs out, this was my thinking for
    > fly control product.  I appreciate your help.  Debby
    Don't know about toxicity to horses, but it is lethal to many
    reptiles.......;-) Linda
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    [RC] cedar shavings/cedar oil, Debby Stai