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Current to Wed Jul 23 17:29:25 GMT 2003
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    [RC] Girth rub question - Susan Young Casey

    Hi all!
    I'm sure this question has been cussed and discussed
    in the past.  But, just in case...
    I've had a problem lately with ANY girth rubbing
    Charlie Brown (the horse, ya know).  Neoprene, string,
    wool cover...!  When I put zinc oxide on his side, it
    helps for awhile.  Unfortunately, once it rubs off, I
    don't know that's it's helping.
    Can anyone help in PREVENTING the rubs in the first
    place?  I've gotten some ointment from Tammy of Trail
    Rite that helps in healing (I need more, BTW).  I can
    use the same girths on different horses, go the same
    distance, no rubs.  I clean all the girths to get the
    sweat out too. 
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Susan Young Casey, Princess of Pink, LIW, RRHA, RHS
    Semper Obliquo (Always aside)  
    Glenndale Grace Farm, Ft Gibson, Oklahoma U.S.A.
    "Ride on! Rough-shod if need be, smooth-shod if that will do, but ride on! Ride on over all obstacles, 
    and win the race!"         - Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
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