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    In a message dated 6/30/2002 7:48:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
    lredmond23@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
    << I think at this point the best call to make is "when in doubt, don't use
     them".  At least, that would be my approach to it.  Others may see it the
     other way round. >>
    I think that is a pretty reasonable guideline.  (Kinda reminds me of Jimminy 
    Cricket singing "and always let your conscience be your guide. LOL)  But the 
    first time someone uses BCAA or some other product and is pulled for it, 
    there is going to be a clear interpretation of Rule 13....you can count on 
    that!  It won't be me, cuz I don't know enough about the substance and I 
    intend to comply with the general consensus of the intent of the rule which 
    allows e-lytes, etc. while banning other substances.  I'll go with the flow.  
    But I have been involved in other "personal best" sports and KNOW that the 
    Rule WILL be challenged eventually!
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