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    RE: [RC] Chocolate icing - Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

    I had a 35 lb mutt that got into 3 lbs of Godiva chocolates one Christmas
    and demolished them. I was really worried because this dog already had
    cancer of the thyroid, making her hyper thyroid and liable to eat absolutely
    anything and everything. I called my vet buddy to ask if it could kill her
    and Jan's response was "You mean she's still alive? If Milly were mine, I'd
    have killed her immediately!" In fact,it seemed to have no effect on her
    other than the massive piles in the yard were a darker brown and Milly
    finally gave up the fight the following summer. All that said, my dogs don't
    get chocolate...especially Godiva!
    Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
    Cairo, Egypt
    > Chocolate has something in it that in large amounts can
    > kill a dog.Like 2 lbs could kill a small dog
    My Rott/Dobe cross once ate an entire chocolate cake off the counter in the
    kitchen.  I called Melissa Ribley in a panic and she said it would take a
    lot of chocolate to kill her.   Of course she is 3 hours away from me but I
    always call her for free advice.  I figure when you have a junior that grows
    up to be a vet, they owe you free advice......mb
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