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    [RC] helmets and liability - Truman Prevatt

    The end of Jan my wife's horse spooked at a something druing her dressage lesson and bolted in the dressage ring at the trainers. She ended up with a busted her uper arm (right) some crunched ribs and a strained neck. It required a rod being inserted to repair the arm. Needless say this was fairly expensive but the insurance paid for most of it. This was an accident and in no way was the instructor liable for the it.

    The other day we get a from the insurance companie's law firm wanting details on the accident to determine if the insurance company can recover cost. While we don't consider the instructor to be liable, the insurance company could and bring suite to recover expenses of covering this accident (according to the letter with the form). Hopefully that won't happen and hopefully the FL limited liability law will be sufficient even if they try.

    It may not be the person injured that would bring suite in an accident. I could be an insurance company trying to recover cost. If it were a serious head injury on a rider who had no helmet that ran up significant medical bills might the insurance company that bore the medical bills not consider trying to recover their cost?


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