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    [RC] Tying up - Ridecamp Guest

    jesse hill jesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I read with interest the post regarding Tying-up.
    I have a mare that over the last few years started to tye up  and after doing a lot of research and several trips to the vet,she was diagnosed with an inherited muscle disease called "polysaccharide storage myopathy"basicly these horses have an inability to gain energy from carbohydrates and require a high fat diet which is a longer slower burning energy source.
    It seems to be common in quarter horses and drafts but I noticed that your horse is 3/4 arab.If the other 1/4 is either of these breeds I would be suspicious.
    You can have a muscle biopsy done to confirm.
    Also,Dr.Beth Valentine has done extensive research on this and you can read about the diet on the Rural Heritage website,she has a lot of good information and will anwser questions.
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