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    [RC] fast 100s/CBS Redman - DebiG54

    I saw your post about fast hundreds and felt like reminiscing a bit, so 
    please indulge me Ridecamp.  My super horse, CBS Redman, sustained a 
    suspensory injury in 1994 that my vet said was "career threatening, maybe 
    career ending."  We both cried for a long time over the thought of that 
    But I just couldn't give up on "Red"--not yet.  I carefully rested and 
    rehabilitated him and capped off the 1995 season with the Carolina 100 
    (J.D.'s ride to all who've been there), a fairly flat and sandy course in 
    South Carolina.  The ride is held every year Thanksgiving weekend.  "Red" was 
    on that day and just cruised through the 100 mile course, never being 
    threatened all day by anyone.  I didn't have a pit crew that day but had 
    plenty of people gathering around us as the race progressed.  At the last vet 
    check, I remember getting chilled and Susan Kasemeyer was one of the people 
    wrapping a jacket around me and telling me we could finish the race in under 
    8 hours.  I knew we were moving fast but hadn't even thought about such a 
    rare time.  What the heck, I thought, and decided to go for it.
    I remember hurrying through a grove of pine trees in the dark.  "Red" ran 
    head first into one tree, so I decided to walk a bit as the clock kept 
    ticking.  At that time, the last couple miles of the ride was a grassy 
    stretch adjacent to a two lane highway.  We broke out onto the grass and 
    galloped all the way in, side by side with the 18 wheelers and cars.  Our 
    finishing time was 7:55.  And as was customary for "Red" during his awesome 
    career, he also won best condition.  Redman was a horse who raced at very 
    edgy speeds for many years, setting many course records, while also winning 
    the best condition award over forty times.  
    There is no sin in racing fast and racing to win, as long as you're riding an 
    athlete both capable and prepared for it.  The memories he gave me are a 
    wonder.  Thanks for letting me dredge one up.
    Debi Gordon
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