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    Fw: Re: [RC] Helmets and The Law - Bobbie Brown

    To:    Ridecamp
    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 09:49:46 -0700
    Subject: Re: [RC]   Helmets and The Law
    Lif, this is very reasonable......who ya gonng sue at home or on the
    trail for a broken arm...the horse?     Same difference when you decide
    to get on one for organized competition....it's the responsibility of the
    rider to stay safe....look at Chris Reeves....who did he sue the horse,
    and he had a helmet on.....as I agree with Lif the responsibility rests
    on the shoulders of the rider!     
    Lif writes:
    > In NM I'm not sure you even could sue for injuries sustained while >
    participating in an endurance ride anyway.  We've got a good law in >
    this > state (and it exists elsewhere, but of course not in CA) that says
    > basically if you voluntarily involve yourself with orses, you take >
    responsibility for what happens.  It's reasonable, it's enforceable, >
    and it 
    > puts the responsibility right where it should be - on the >
    participant.  [Note:  The standardized wording of this NM law must > be >
    posted at the ride - it can and probably should be put in every > rider
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