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    [RC] helmets: - dpwg

     We need to be asking the lawyers about this one.
     Stop and think about many other sports and their rules
    pertaining to safety gear.
    Baseball requires the hitter to wear a helmet.
    The hitter is not going at speed but that darn ball is.
    Football requires every team member to wear a helmet. Head and neck
    injuries being
     life threatening(not serious like knees or shoulders wich we can live
    Car racing of any kind requires that drivers wear a helmet as well as a
    In the top competition they are also required to wear nomax fire
    retardant suits
    as well as a 5 point harness system . What does a helmet do to cramp your
    Nothing compared to the very hot nomax and a belt coming across each
    and across both sides of your lap and from your crotch. Does anybody that
    is really
    serious about competition in car racing whine about these regs? No! They
    know that
    they can walk away from most accidents if they are going by the regs
    -plus design a car
    that has good body cages.
    When we send our kids out to ride bikes or skateboards do we protect them
    to the best of
    our ability? I know I did. I figure life is a risk. We were born into
    it.(that was a risk to both mom
    and baby for survival) We could get hit walking across the street, or die
    of a heart attack.
    No matter what we do we have risks. How we accept or deny them depends on
    the individual.
    I grew up on a very busy road. I was taught to look both ways before
    crossing it to get  that
    darn softball that someone hit out of the yard. Yes for the last 12 years
    I have worn a helmet
    while riding especially in competition. Why? I am not at home. There are
    more horses to ad
    to my risk as well as terrain, speed, and the proverbeal boogy man.
    I am thinking a rule on safety needs to be looked at hard (what is
    I know of 2 ride managers in my region that require helmets. They
    experienced the loss
    of one of our own endurance riders. She was not wearing a helmet while
    trying out a new saddle. Death of rider as well as a capable ride manager
    and mother.
    I know this tends to be an emotional subject but it really should be one
    of common sense
    and courtesy to others.
    Pat and Casper in Kansas
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