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    Re: [RC] How Do I Get My Deposit Back - Lynne Glazer

    Again, she tells me everything is fine. THREE HOURS after my
    call, she calls me and tells me not to bother coming down. THE HORSE HAS
    BEEN SOLD TO SOMEONE ELSE. She gave me some story how some relative of the
    owner(!) had come onto her property and sold the horse to another person. Needless, to say I was devastated. I told her I wanted my deposit back. I
    have not received my money back and my phone calls and e mails are still not
    being answered. Yeah, I feel like a fool. I know I should have gotten
    something in writing, but I thought this person was trustworthy. What is my
    recourse? Do I need to get a lawyer involved? Any advice would be much

    Hi, and welcome to ridecamp.

    How do you know that the real owner did not renege on their decision to sell the horse and leave the training barn hanging too?

    I don't think you have all of the facts (yet).

    Sorry for your apparent loss of the horse, but I'll bet you get your money back. The Malibu ride is this weekend, perhaps they've gone to that very local ride. Having inferred from your post exactly who you are talking about, as can anyone who has followed that trainer's recent postings, it's in poor form to have mentioned those specifics IMNSHO, to 1000 people worldwide.

    Perhaps this training barn should have written contracts when they accept a horse who is to be sold, perhaps they're sadder but wiser now.

    who has zero connection with the training barn

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