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    [RC] I am so disappointed - oddfarm

    Gee, I never got an apology from any of the Know-it-Alls on this list for calling me stupid. Or for  telling me I had no business having horses because I didn't know what I was doing. No one ever, not once said, "I am sorry for saying you just have sour grapes." I have the sweetest wine in my vineyard, not sour grapes.
    I am pretty sure the poor lady who lost her horse in a trailering accident (she hired someone to trailer her horse, they came in the middle of the night, the horse panicked and got hurt and had to be put down) never got an apology for all the horrible, cruel and thoughtless comments that again, came from all the know it alls on this list.
    Why did Howard have to apologize?? There are many of contributors of this list who are down right nasty when posting privately. I know. And they are still posting without a guilty conscience, I am guessing.
    It seems sometimes that no matter what I would write about, someone would have to send a negative comment, or ten. I have tried to keep my writing light and humorous because whenever I wrote about something serious I would get slammed. Down right ugly comments like "I will never camp next to you, are dangerous and have no business having horses!" And that was from a funny story! And that story may or may not have even been true!
    There are only a few people on this list who have actually met me in person and have an idea of what kind of horsewoman I am and yet, those who don't have a clue, have condemned me all to hell because of things that I have written.
    So what if sometimes we get off track. When we are doing our long rides, we discuss the world and our situations and try to solve all the problems in one ride. Just because we don't agree with our riding partners point of view doesn't mean we kick them off the side of the mountain.
    Ok, it only happened once, but never again I promise! 
    No, name calling is not acceptable. Unless of course you do it privately because I have been called a few things by the know it alls and I guess that was ok. Talk about your hypocrites. Preach all you want to about religion and values but sometimes your behavior, or your private posts say it all. Don't just proclaim religious values, practice them and be kind. Forgive and pray for those of us who may fall of the trail every now and again.
    This is all about endurance. It is about enduring other people's points of view, opinions of others, enduring the situation of our world and enduring each other whether we like each other or not.
    Lisa Salas, The Odd fArm
    Oddly enough, we all endure and are quite happy.