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    [RC] RideCamp Subscription Management 101 - Ridecamp Guest

    Helpful techsupport type person Techsupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Since so many people are posting Unsubscribe this....Unsubscribe that....I thought I'd post some helpful info on subscriptions.  I'm just a simple member posting anon to help those who are technically challenged.
    1. It's not necessary to post a message asking to be Unsubscribed.  Especially those huffy puffy I'm never coming out of my room again type unsubscriptions.  Easiest just to leave quietly by doing the following.  Click RideCamp on the left, then Subscription Management, enter your email, then finally click Please Unsubscribe Me.  If only some things in life were this easy.
    2.  Can't handle all the email you receive?  Going on vacation and don't want your inbox to overflow?  In a bad mind set thinking that there's nothing worth reading on Ridecamp anymore?  Sure there's the delete key...clearly marked.  You don't have to unsubscribe to eliminate this abundance of email.  Again, go to RideCamp Subscription Management, enter your email.  Now click "I would like to Edit my account".  Scroll halfway down and you'll see RideCamp Subscription Type.  Simply choose Post Only and you'll be free of having to mess with all that email.  Just browse the archives instead.  Plus you can still post.
    I do hope this bit of info helps you in your quest for controlling those pesky RideCamp emails.  Plus, I'm sure it would help John and Steph from having to mess with something they've given you the power to manage yourself.  Oh, and give Howard a break will ya?  sheesh
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