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    Re: [RC] I'm out of here - Heidi Smith

    >   Maybe he's
    > God's Un-PC side.
    <snork>  In my own experience with God, I don't think He ever was very PC.
    Anyone who created us to look like we do naked when we are middle-aged and
    older had a very un-PC sense of humor.
    >     Lynne knows that *I* sure as heck don't have a lot of spare time, so
    > little in fact that if I can find time to skim/read ridecamp, really,
    > can.  If you tell me "I don't have the time, there's too many off topic
    > posts, and besides, that Howard guy really bugs me," followed by a
    > slam, I've actually been told a lot more about your tolerance level than
    > amount of spare time you've got.  There aren't very many lists I stick
    > over the long haul (because I really *don't* have the time!-though when I
    > unsub from a list, I don't make a big announcement about it, I just
    > go), but RC is a keeper.
    There's a lot of dross on RC, but as most posters have mentioned, our
    computers come equipped with delete keys.  I happen to be pretty fast on the
    keyboard, so can read or delete or respond pretty rapidly.  I'm on about 4
    pretty active lists, and there are several posters on all of them that I
    pretty much delete without reading, because they've proven over time to be
    not worth the effort.  But even on a hectic and busy schedule, I can deal
    pretty easily with 200+ posts a day, just by going through them with one
    finger on "delete" and checking out the subject lines and sometimes first
    couple of sentences.  If it is worthwhile, I linger and read.  Quite
    frankly, I don't read most of Howard's stuff in the first place--unless he
    appears to be responding to a topic that interests me anyway.  I don't
    particularly have time for grandiose stories that go on and on, although I'm
    sure some find them entertaining.
    It's really hard to be offended by stuff that you don't read to start with.
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    Re: [RC] I'm out of here, Trishmare7