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  • - Merryben

    [RC] CYA yourself/# of Vet checks - kathy . mayeda

    I am always amused when people make a big deal out of 
    unsubscribing and stomping off in a huff!  There are 
    ways to quietly unsubscribe and/or just not post if you 
    feel offended by anything.  One night I was in a 
    cantakerous mood (when am I not..) and I wrote a long, 
    extremely huffy letter about why I was leaving the group 
    and unsubscribed myself (yes, we can do it.)  Then I 
    noticed that I had accidently NOT posted it.  I just 
    started laughing at myself because I'm sure that all 
    that would have done would have people saying "what's 
    got into her?" and not really seeing the point I was all 
    huffy about.  I'm glad that it didn't post.
    I've been rolling my eyes a lot lately about some of the 
    topics - like the endurance calendar stuff, but it was 
    all in good fun and people were lighthearted about it.  
    I enjoy Howard because he doesn't really take himself 
    seriously and everything is tougue in cheek.  But I 
    don't think that he's god.  He's just another colorful 
    character from Ridecamp.
    Roger and Randy are setting an example of what I like to 
    see from our BOD and what I like about some of the 
    discussions on Ridecamp.  Thoughtful expression of 
    opinions without taking it to the personal offense level.
    Now my 2 cents worth.  I have only done one multiday 
    series.  There was only one vet check during the ride 
    and a very brief visual inspection prior to each day's 
    ride.  There were very few pulls each day of the ride.  
    Single day 50's with two more vet checks have 
    significantly more pulls.  The multi-day formula of just 
    having a lunch vet check a la Duck seems to be working.  
    If it ain't broke, why fix it.  Making a rule to have 
    more than one vet check seems unnecesary.  Most single 
    day 50's in the West will have more than one vet check 
    anyway and usually have pretty thoughtful vetting (or 
    perhaps some overzealous vetting in a few cases).  I 
    don't think many horses are suffering from not having 
    enough vet checks.
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