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    Re: Re[2]: [RC] Pre-Ride VC Issues and a few others - Heidi Smith

    > I KNEW the trotting issue would end up in 'schooling' discussion.
    > That was not the point.
    > If you have not noted, there are those dead tired horses that trotted at
    all the
    > vet checks all day , but after a let down at the finish, they do not
    > care to trot. It has nothing to do with schooling. How many horses
    > are pulled or cropped down the lane with the rider running in place and
    > the horse taking  a few trot steps then walk , only to get the
    > completion.
    > I sure can tell the difference between a tied fatigued horse vs one
    > who is not schooled well to trot.
    > But its really is not the issue. I only offered a few concepts to get
    > people talking.
    And the point the rest of us who have responded are trying to make is that a
    RULE against hazing would apply to both untrained AND tired horses, and is
    pointless, because the vets can tell the difference anyway.  And believe me,
    if the horse is too tired to trot, that IS taken into account as a part of
    the overall picture.  The vets are there for a reason--and tying their hands
    with a bunch of meaningless rules is pointless--in fact, it is detrimental.
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