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    Re[2]: [RC] Pre-Ride VC Issues and a few others - Roger Rittenhouse

     Part 1.
    Let me backup to a few issues that predicated  my current position. This
    disagreement with vetting protocol did not just start with the two
    issues presented by the two riders this week.
     I first noted the problem increasing last year.
    Personal experience is how many of us develop  opinions and positions.
    I believe I did address the misuse of CRI as a completion criteria. I
    took the issue to the BOD and was met with negative comments and or no
    The problem was set aside since it was my horse. Therefore it was a
    personal issue vs a noncompliance with the rules of what constitutes
    a completion.  Not so nor the real issue.
    Since we finished in spite of the problem I felt it was acceptable
    to ask if this was proper.
    CRI was use as a single completion criteria
    - if you failed that, you could be pulled. The failure was defined as
    8 beats. Nothing else was used to determine if you should be pulled.
    ONE parameter to be used to make the decision.
    ALL other parameters were A/B. I objected since this was not in the rules for completion
    was not advised at the rider briefing. The horse finally passed the
    completion CRI by obtaining a false base line- trot horse over take
    pulse- elevated to 64 - then trot for CRI. The return pulse was 68,
    that was considered passing.
     He was trotted 4 times,( excessive to pass an invalid completion
    parameter) AND fully
    evaluated each time for the full completion criteria  not just the cri.
    He completed.
    I made an issue of this but it was not taken seriously -
    since it was 'sour grapes" (figure that one,)  and my 'personal
    attach' on the vet. Not so I-  disagreed with the protocol - not the
    Issue is no one wants to object or speak out and mostly because the vets
    are permitted to do what ever they want. We are NOT allowed to
    complain. Else repercussions will be applied as in a pull.
    That is an example of direct conflict with the current completion
    rules. IF one wants to make CRI a completion parameter the rules
    should be changed.
    I do not agree CRI SHOULD be used as completion criteria.
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