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    [RC] THE Howard Stories' Cycle - Karen J. Zelinsky

    It's like fashion - it goes in cycles - hemline goes up and down, the
    stocks go up and down, and . . .
    the Howard Cycle goes 'round and 'round.  
    You know you might be on Ridecamp too long when you see born-again
    subjects, like:
    1) electrolytes
    2) beet pulp
    3) newbies
    4) brilliant flashes of intellectual thought about endurance-horse
    theories (then those posters get fed up and/or kicked out due
         to ideas taken personally by others . . . 
    and then .......
    there's Howard!!!  He starts out with looooong ride reports, nicely,
    humorously written, and then gets slowly revved up again, reaching new
    verbally-raunchy heights/depths, then some of us slap him down, and
    ALMOST kick him off Ridecamp.  Then he quietly reappears again.  Must be
    our alter-ego, or something like that.... must be Howard!
    (wonder what kind of horse Howard would make????)
    eeeeekkk!! really bad storm coming here in central PA!!  
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